Internet Use

The rules for the use of the Minerva Society Homepage are as follows:


The aim of the Minerva Society Website is to provide an electronic means for the Society to promulgate Minerva information to members and for allowing members with Internet access to keep in touch with each other.


The website will comprise of:

a.    Newsletter and information of general interest to members, posted by the Committee.

b.    Email Addresses provided by individual members, to assist other Society Members to contact them.

c.    Other general information and links in keeping with these rules.


a.    The Minerva Website will be administered by the Internet Committee Member.

b.    Personal Email Addresses for inclusion on the website should be emailed directly to the Internet Committee Member.


a.    Any Information about a Society member is only to be posted with that member's agreement.

b.    The Minerva Website is not to be used for advertising or commercial use.


The website is open to anyone who wishes to view it. Consequently, best practice concerning safeguarding of information and personnel should be employed. Specifically:

a.    No classified information is to be posted on the website.

b.    Personal information such as addresses or telephone numbers should be avoided.

If you wish your details to be included in the Minerva Website, please E-Mail your details.