About the Minerva Society


Roman goddess of war, and secondarily a goddess of wisdom and the arts and trades. The head of Minerva was chosen as the official crest of the Royal Air Force Technical College because of Minerva's position as the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. As Minerva Medica she was regarded as a patroness of physicians. Equated with the Greek Athena, though she may derive originally from the Etruscan Menrva. Daughter of Jupiter. Her main festivals were the Minervalia and Quinquatria (March 19- 23). She shared the main temple on the Capitoline Hill as part of a triad with Jupiter and Juno, and also had a temple on the Aventine Hill in her capacity as Minerva Medica. Like all good engineers she had many talents and was also credited with being the Roman Goddess of Handicrafts, the Professions, the Arts and later War; the Italian Goddess of Intelligence, Meditation and Inventiveness; the Queen of all Accomplishments and Arts; and the Patron Goddess of Fullers, Dyers, Cobblers, Carpenters, Musicians, Sculptors, Physicians, Actors, Poets, Schoolmasters, Schoolchildren and Students.

The Minerva Society

So what is the Minerva Society? In essence it is a social society that enables members to keep in touch with friends and colleagues throughout the years. Every year there is an Annual Dinner (usually in October) and the seating plan is arranged so that members sit with others from their year and the years around them. We usually manage to get a guest speaker of some note, and the informality of the evening usually manages to provide a few fireworks!!

Objectives of the Minerva Society

The objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • To enable past Technical Cadets of the RAF Technical College, Henlow; Engineer Flight Cadets of the RAF College, Cranwell; and those graduates of first degree courses who attended as university cadets (ex-airmen or direct entry) or bursars at the Royal Military College of Science (RMCS) at Shrivenham, the Electrical Engineering Course at the University of Salford (USEC), the Air Transport Engineering Course (ATEC) at The City University, and the Defence Technical University Scheme (DTUS), including those who also attended the Defence Sixth Form College (DSFC) Welbeck, and who have completed RAF Initial Officer Training (IOT) and specialist engineer officer training, to keep in contact with one another.
  • To provide a social medium for RAF Engineer Officers that builds on the provenance of the history of the Minerva Society , and acknowledges the continued and future importance of Minerva through the adoption in 2012 of an RAF Engineer Branch Badge authorized by HM the Queen, which differences only slightly that of the original RAF Technical College
  • To organize an Annual Reunion of members

Membership Types

Full Membership

All RAF Engineer Officers, retired and currently serving, are eligible for full membership of the Society.

Only Full Members may vote at meetings.

Student Membership

All undergraduate RAF personnel studying on a recognised RAF degree course with the expectation of commissioning into the Engineer Branch are permitted to join the Minerva Society as Student Members. They may not vote at meetings, but can utilize the Society to foster linkages with RAF Engineer Officers past and present in order to help generate strong interest in engineering matters. Once they graduate from IOT and specialist engineer officer training, they are no longer entitled to remain a Student Member and will be invited to join as Full Members.

Honorary Membership

Winners of the Minerva Society Prize who are not already eligible to join the Society will be invited to join as an Honorary Member.

The Committee shall have the power to invite other distinguished persons to become Honorary Members who have been presented to and agreed by majority vote at an AGM. Nominations for honorary membership may be put forward by any Full Member in writing to the Chairman. Nominations may not be presented at an AGM without 2-months prior notification to the Committee.

Honorary Members shall pay no dues and in all other respects they shall be regarded as Full Members except that they may not vote at meetings.


Membership subscriptions shall be paid by a Life Membership Subscription of £10.00.

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